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Dorchester Open Studios

October 2022 saw the resurrection of Dorchester Open Studios, a neighborhood-wide celebration of arts and culture throughout Dorchester. Artists opened their studios at HSS as well as Dorchester Art Project in Fields Corner, and Amyas McNight of DAP hosted neighborhood mural tours. HSS and DAP will
continue to host Dorchester Open Studios twice annually, in May and October 2023.

In 2022, HSS artists were invited to participate in the Museum of Fine Arts’ annual Art in Bloom festival. A team of HSS artists learned the art of flower arrangement and design, and created one inspired by the MFA paining “John, 1st Baron Byron” by painter Kehinde Wiley, that was on display at the MFA, and then at the Uphams Corner Branch of the Boston Public Library.

Art in Bloom

Uphams in Bloom

To expand on the involvement with the Museum of Fine Arts’ Art in Bloom, the HSS artists created
Uphams in Bloom, a neighborhood-wide celebration of flowers and joy. Uphams in Bloom featured
various workshops led by HSS artists, to create different kind of flowers that would become public art
for the neighborhood to enjoy. The “Flowers of Hope,” designed by Nora Valdez and Jem Stephenson,
were exhibited at the historic Strand Theatre, as part of Company One’s “Can I Touch It” play this past
summer. In addition, the artists created outdoor planters in October to mark the resurrection of

6 neighborhood-wide Dorchester Open Studios, with fellow artists at Dorchester Art Project and Brain Arts

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HSS, Boston Preservation Alliance & Frederick Middle School
Last spring, Matthew Dickey from Boston Preservation Alliance brought youth from Lila G. Frederick Middle School to visit HSS artists, observe demonstrations, and learn about various types of artmaking.

Our HeART Exhibition Opening

April 24, 2021

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