est. 2002

Humphreys Street Studios (HSS) is a dynamic and expansive property in the Uphams Corner neighborhood of Dorchester, MA, housing working artists and artisans since its beginnings in 2002.

Developed in the long shuttered Daloz Dry Cleaners buildings by artist Joseph Wheelwright and artisan Gneal Widette, the studio provides workspace for a diverse community of up to 40 tenants including fine artist painters, illustrators, sculptors, designers, furniture makers, photographers, carpenters, metal workers, fabricators, and more.


HSS members have been valuable contributors to the beauty and cultural vitality of the Boston area; engaged in art, craft, design, and artisan production providing services, experiences, and public, private & commercial artwork.

The property provides a unique space including a courtyard and a large back yard. The buildings house approximately 26,000 sq feet of rental space yielding a total of 40 workspaces. The variety of workspaces for artists include a three-story mill building, a two-story brick building and a lofty cement block structure with rows of skylights.