In 2002 artists Joe Wheelwright and Gneal Widett founded Humphreys Street Studios as affordable artist workspaces in Uphams Corner, Dorchester. In recent years both passed away and the property has been for sale. 

Over the past year-plus, the 40+ artists and creative small businesses at Humphreys Street Studios have come together to preserve the legacy of HSS as affordable artist workspaces in Boston – a rarity as many artist workspaces have been demolished due to real estate development. The artists formed an official tenant’s association and have found artist-friendly development partners New Atlantic and Place Tailor, who would purchase the property and split it in two: an artist-run nonprofit to keep the artist studios as affordable in perpetuity, and affordable housing in the vacant back lot for Uphams Corner. In addition, the development partners plan to create a shared community space for meetings, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and neighborhood events so that HSS may be more engaged with neighbors in Uphams Corner, Nubian Square, and beyond.

The HSS artists seek neighborhood and the creative/cultural community’s support in this plan, called the #ARTWORKSHERE, #ARTSTAYSHERE campaign, which is a win-win for Uphams Corner and the artist community of Boston. Please sign the online petition showing your support for this plan: https://www.humphreysstreetstudio.com/

The HSS artist community includes painters, scenic designers, ceramicists, graphic designers, printers, fabricators, metalsmiths, sculptors, jewelry makers, furniture makers, photographers, videographers, and more, some who have been artist tenants for nearly 20 years. HSS artists will hold workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions, and other events this summer, free of charge for the neighborhood.

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For more information please email Cristina Todesco, cristinamtodesco@gmail.com